We combine a macroeconomic view, together with a sector and individual company perspective to identify investment opportunities. We look to invest for the long-term, in well capitalized and well managed companies in growing sectors of the US and the world economy.

While our intent is to be nearly fully invested, we are not compelled to do so in markets we expect to contract for an extended time frame, or if the growth in an investment or sector becomes unsustainable. Liquidity is typically available due to large market capitalization of investments. We will either raise cash if we expect a market correction, or if we sense we are underinvested, we will invest in indices, rather than maintain meaningful cash levels while we look for new opportunities, provided our market outlook is constructive.

Valuations matter but identifying predictable and secular growth typically gets rewarded in most market conditions. We study models in most cases to analyze projections to determine achievability and market expectations. Valuations are compared to competitors, sectors, and the overall stock market.

We believe our 100+ cumulative years of experience analyzing economic conditions, combined with our ability to identify growing sectors, allows us to successfully invest in volatile markets over the long-term.