Eos Focused Equity (“EFE”) employs a long biased, value oriented equity strategy with a core focus on special situations and management turnarounds.

EFE seeks to invest in companies undergoing transformational change due to new management strategies and exposure to secular growth trends. EFE focuses on companies, that in its view, run by management teams with a track record of creating shareholder value, improving returns on invested capital and utilizing strong balance sheets to support and fund growth opportunities. EFE emphasizes companies it believes will transform into durable industry leaders and generate long-term gains for shareholders through the market cycle.

EFE prioritizes companies with base businesses that we believe will generate high recurring cash flows, benefit from low reinvestment requirements, and operate in industries offering high incremental returns on capital. EFE looks to invest in a balanced exposure of industries in which management’s actions are expected to drive value creation while minimizing exposure to highly cyclical and commoditized businesses. This concentration is expected to result in market exposure to sectors such as healthcare, consumer staples, differentiated industrials, and technology, and underweight base materials, real estate, financials, and commodity-focused industrials.