Eos’ equity strategy seeks to invest in companies with a dominant market position with visible sources of long-term secular growth.

As a complement to our private equity strategy which looks to identify mid-market companies at an inflection point and exit after a value creation plan has largely been achieved, and our credit strategy which looks to create reliable current income over economic cycles, Eos’ public equity strategy seeks to invest strategically in companies that can be held over a very long time horizon. The criteria to qualify for this holding period is a high bar that is difficult to achieve, but if achieved can provide the most tax efficient source of wealth creation.

We believe the best place to identify opportunities is among the largest public companies, primarily based in the United States. Entry points could be short-term market dislocations or short-term operational dislocations of excellent companies with strong capital positions and business models that can withstand short-term turbulence and continue their long-term value creation. We look for business models that are scalable, have predictable long-term growth prospects and serve growing sectors of the economy. We identify these characteristics through our analysis of economic conditions, business sectors and individual company reviews.